Salt Yoga and Salt PI YO Package Deals
  (5)   Yoga Sessions  $70

   (10)   Yoga Sessions  $130


True Balance Day

Enjoy some relaxation for yourself.  Balance your day spending time in our infrared sauna prior to a therapeutic massage and then relax and benefit from a salt session in our salt therapy room.

15 min Infrared Sauna, 60 min Massage with Stress Relief Aromatherapy and 45 Min Salt Therapy session.    $90

15 min Infrared Sauna, 90 min Massage with Stress Relief Aromatherapy and 45 min Salt therapy session.  $120

Sinus Therapy Relief package

Relief from sinus pressure, headaches, allergies and colds.  You will relax in the infrared sauna for 15 minutes, then go to our massage room for a 30 minute sinus therapy session. After the therapy session you will have ice packs placed on your eyes, head and neck to help with inflammation and circulation. Then spend 30 minutes in our salt therapy room where you will relax in a recliner and breath in microscopic, pure dry salt that is pumped into the room.     

90 min package for $60  includes:  (1) 15 min Infrared Sauna session; (1) 30 min Sinus acupressure session;

(1) 15 min Sinus Ice therapy session and (1) 30 min Salt therapy session

TMJ Therapy 

  This therapy is for those suffering from jaw pain.  TMJ is pain in the jaw joint and muscles that control movement in the jaw.  You may have restricted movement or pain in and around your ears.  With this therapy we will work the muscles in and around the face and neck.    30 min $30


Plantar Fasciitis therapy treatment

  This therapy is for anyone with Calf, ankle or foot pain.  Plantar Fasciitis is pain or burning in your heel or middle of your foot.  This pain can stem from any number of sources, the most common would be tight calves and ankles.  The treatment package consists of a consultation, 30 min massage, 15 mins of ice therapy and tools to help with plantar relief.  Typically you would come for (1) plantar treatment and then follow up with several plantar therapy sessions.

$50 Plantar Treatment package.   50 min

$30 Plantar therapy    30 min

Digestive Detox treatment

90 min package for $60  includes:  (1) 30 min Infrared Sauna session; (1) 30 min Sinus abdominal massage with aromatherapy;

 and (1) 30 min Salt therapy session

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